Our pizzas are layered with toppings and are the best served in the Alkmaar area

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Pizza Margherita

tomato, cheese

Pizza Salame

tomato, cheese and salami

Pizza Borromea

tomato, cheese and ham

Pizza Funghi

tomato, cheese and mushrooms

Piza Napoletana

tomato, cheese and anchovy

Pizza Siciliana

tomato, cheese, anchovy, capers, olives

Pizza Paesana

tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms

Pizza Vulcano

tomato, cheese, salami, bell pepper

Pizza Bologna

cheese, bolognese sauce, egg

Pizza Contadina

tomato, cheese, onion, sliced tomato

Pizza Tonno

tomato, cheese, onion, tuna

Pizza Hawaii

tomato, cheese, ham, pineapple

Pizza Primavera

tomato, chees, artichoke, capers

Pizza Rustica

tomato, cheese, spicy salami, asparagus

Pizza Calzone

folded pizza, topped with ham, mushrooms, salami, onion, bell pepper

Pizza Quattro Stagioni

tomato, cheese, ham, salami, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper

Pizza Americana

tomato, cheese, anchovy, bell pepper, olives, garlic

Pizza Vegetale

tomato, chees, assortment of vegetables

Pizza Shoarma

tomato, cheese, kebab

Pizza Etna

tomato, cheese, mushrooms, bell pepper, olives, onion, tabasco sauce

Pizza Quattro Formaggi

tomato, four kinds of cheese

Pizza Campagnola

tomato, cheese, ham, mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, egg

Pizza Fantasia

tomato, cheese, mushrooms, tuna, artichokes, bell pepper and olives

Pizza della Fattoria

tomato, bacon, spinach, anchovy, mozzarella

Pizza Capricciosa

tomato, cheese, mushrooms, ham, salami, artichokes, olives

Pizza Calabrese

tomato, gorgonzola, chorizo, onion

Pizza San Remo

tomato, cheese, ham, pineapple , chicken

Pizza Vesuvio

tomato, cheese, chorizo, a boiled egg, mushrooms, bell pepper

Pizza Portoverde

tomato, cheese, mussels, shrimp, squid, tuna, onion, bell pepper

Pizza Stromboli

tomato, cheese, tuna, bell pepper, olives, artichokes, asparagus, capers, garlic, onion, tabasco sauce

Pizza "Sprint"

tomato, cheese and everything on top of that!

Pizza Focaccia

tomato, mozzarella, onion, ham, slices of tomato and a pizza crust on top